Bootstrap Course

Bootstrap is an open source project that was originally developed by Twitter to create a responsive website and to enable mobile compatible web pages. Bootstrap course entails a standard set of classes that help the developers to create applications on the different scales irrespective of the size. The course teaches you on how to incorporate common components like dialogue box and validation. It has become a de-facto course for web designing. By the end, of course, the students have mastered knowledge on how to create pages that are common to all web application and implement frequently used components and classes used in Bootstrap. The course will also help you to create responsive pages as quickly as possible.

What are topics covered in the course?

The topics covered would be How to create basic template, review the different styles and related typography, review basic styles of typography, using colors along with Bootstrap, working with classes that help you deal with images, learn the concept of grid container, how to offset the columns, how to use breadcrumbs, how to review different layout components, how to use form styles, how to use interactive components, how to implement Bootstrap in the present website, what are the common bootstrap components, how to use bootstrap theme, how to use grid pattern and JAVA components, how to personalize own platform, how to create responsive Bootstrap application and publish it on the web while not disturbing coding structure.

Skills that you will learn through this course The students will master the ability of how to make a responsive website, learn the process of web development and learn the related concepts of Bootstrap

The Twitter Bootstrap Framework

• Learn And Understand Bootstrap Framework
• Bootstrap File Structure And Implementation
• Bootstrap Grid System
• Creating First Page With Bootstrap
• Making One-Column And Two-Column Grid With Bootstrap
• Making Fluid Responsive Layout With Bootstrap