The MySQL database programming system is, with each passing day, becoming indispensable to the field of web programming and development. While MySQL is not inherently needed for writing the code on a website, it is the database that acts as the web host supplying the software that web applications on page are based on. This database is used by the server to store all generated output, including posts ad visitors’ comments. The standard SQL programming language has proved to be a boon for many a web developer, and today, there is an increasing demand for MySQL as a recognized programming tool.


This course makes use of a highly streamlined blended learning approach to MySQL, starting from the basics to more advanced techniques and methodologies needed for effectively administering open source databases. In this course, you will learn how to install, use, configure, customize and administer MySQL as a standard database. The basic SQL structure used in databases all over and the very concepts of databases will also be focused on. Eligibility : Basic Understanding of DBMS.