SQL Server :

EduFundaa located in Badlapur one of the leading .NET training institutes, offers .NET Specialization courses that will help you achieve a competent level of application development and deployment. Microsoft .NET framework allows the developers to develop high quality solutions that maximize the strategic value of your software investments. .NET specialization is complete with the knowledge of SQL server. The SQL forms the cornerstone of all relational database operations. The ability to write the SQL language is essential for those who develop database applications. This course provides a solid foundation of the SQL programming language that enables you to build, query and manipulate databases. You compare the ANSI/ISO standard with the SQL implementations of both Oracle and SQL Server databases. The intensive .Net training course offers a cutting edge platform for enterprise data management, sophisticated development and implementation of modern business intelligence solutions. SQL Server offers better functionality, performance, scalability and security over previous versions. This .net training provides the foundational knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of SQL Server.

Course Details :

EduFundaa, being one of the renowned.NET training institutes helps students in understanding client server architecture, introducing the tools, selecting an edition, and creating sample databases. Going further you will learn the designing of relational databases, which comprises of understanding normalization, discovering patterns, avoiding over complexity, managing optional data, creating physical keys, and using the database diagrammer tool. Course will also help you how define tables, and safeguard data with constraints. As a .NET training institutes, EduFundaa also covers topics like T-SQL, retrieving Data Using T-SQL, T-SQL DDL and DML statements, T-SQL Programming, T-SQL Cursors, using T-SQL in their specialized course.