Introduction to Digital Marketing

Today as we know competition is getting tough so for the success of today and compete for tomorrow .we have to make a communication strategy and overall marketing for that purpose. Digital Marketing is a necessary part of our strategy. Firstly do everything which is entirely measurable, Spend money only on those people, who are interested in your products or services in the first place. Reach out to the perfect target every time, Get your product worldwide recognition and service distribution Market to people that really want your products but couldn't be reached previously and Reduce your cost of customer acquisition.
Digital Marketing Strategy is a mixture of internet and marketing. The four Ps of McCarthy's marketing is Product, Price, Presentation and Promotion. Normally a developing technology leave an effect on all of these four Ps, and the Internet in particularly has seen to fundamental shifts not only for promoting the products, but also for the placement or distribution of the products. Although tools for research, retention, distribution and product creation have changed dramatically, the fundamental principles of marketing still guide strategy.